CCCS invests £1m with Charity Bank

Here at the Consumer Credit Counselling Service, we have just deposited £1m in a Yorkshire Deposit Bond with the Leeds-based Charity Bank in the North.

As this money will be used to provide loan finance and business advice to charities based in the Yorkshire and Humber area, it seemed like a good way to keep our reserves working for the sector and in our local region. Charity Bank in the North supports organisations that often find it difficult to access the finance they need, and without which they can’t develop their services.

We felt the Yorkshire Deposit Bond would be a great way for us to invest back into the region, not only to gain income but to help other charities not as well funded as we are. The bond is a one-year fixed term account, geared towards individuals or organisations that want to support charities specifically in Yorkshire and Humber.

The more money you deposit, the higher the rate of return and the more organisations your money will help – which is good for business and good for communities. It’s just one of several different deposit accounts available to individuals and organisations alike across the UK and overseas. You can find out more information about Charity Bank’s work (it is the only regulated bank in the UK which is also a registered general charity) or details of its savings accounts, or loan service, by visiting or calling 0844 561 8230.

For more details about our work here at the CCCS, visit


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